Insurance & FAQ

Michael J. Hynes Auto Repair is a referral shop for all major insurance companies, both in and out of state. Regardless of which company your claim is with, we will work with them to expedite your claim and repair your vehicle per their appraisal. Our highly trained service representatives are the most knowledgeable and experienced in the insurance claim process, making what can be a difficult process a care free one. Here are some of the many companies that we are a referral shop for and work with on a regular basis:

Several Massachusetts Insurance companies have specialized claims programs that make the claim process more efficient, eliminating steps of a traditional claim. These claim programs are exclusive to shops that have an excellent track record and history with the insurance company. Our shop is a memeber of these claim programs with the following companies:


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Our staff is ready to assist you in any way possible.

Will my insurance company pay for a tow to the shop?

A: Yes, your insurance company will pay for the tow from the scene of the accident and also the second tow to Hynes Auto.

I have made my claim and I'm ready to have my vehicle repaired, what do I do next?

A: Your insurance company needs to inspect your vehicle prior to the repair (in most cases) so you can have them look at it at your home or business or you may also bring the car directly to us and have them see it at the shop.

I need a rental vehicle, where should I get one?

A: We have a small fleet of rental vehicles (available by request) that we offer while your vehicle is being repaired. You may also rent from the company of your choice, we usually refer our customers to Enterprise Rent a Car as we have a close working relationship with them.

Will my insurance company pay for a rental vehicle?

A: Your insurance company will pay for your rental vehicle if you have rental insurance on your policy (typically there is an assigned dollar amount per day for each policy), or if you are a claimant (making a claim against a company that is not yours) once they have accepted liability on behalf of their policyholder.

How long is it going to take to have my vehicle repaired?

A: Each repair is different, depending on the amount of damage and other factors. What we recommend is to bring the vehicle to the shop for a preliminary inspection by one of our service writers who will be pleased to give you an estimate of time.

My insurance company has written an appraisal, can it be done for the amount estimated?

A: Your insurance company writes an original appraisal based on visible damage only. When the vehicle is in the shop, we will disassemble it and inspect any hidden damage. Any items unaccounted for on the initial appraisal can and will be negotiated on a secondary appraisal done at the shop during the repair. Your insurance company will accept direct billing for any additonal costs.

Will my insurance company pay for my rental vehicle for the duration of the repair?

A: Yes. They will pay for your rental throughout the repair, your vehicle will be repaired in an efficient manner per insurance guidelines.

What do I do with my rental, do I need to bring it to the rental company before I pick up my vehicle?

A: If you rented from us or from Enterprise Rent a Car, you can leave your rental at Hynes Auto when you are picking your vehicle up. Other rental companies may allow shop drop off, depending on the rental company (We are pleased to find out for you ahead of time).

Do I have to pay my deductible, and how much is it?

A: Your deductible will apply if you are found at fault for the damage to your vehicle, for a comprehensive claim (vandalism, theft, etc.), or if it was a single car accident(most cases). You can find out your deductible amount by calling your insurance company.